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Songza is a brilliant website that allows you to listen to all your favourite music online for free. Simply type in the name of your favourite band and Songza will search the net and bring back a list of songs by that band which you can then listen to for free.

You can also setup playlists and listen to all your favourite tracks in a row.

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Links to the best entertainment sites on the web. Entertainment news, Fun flash games, Live streaming TV, Funny animations, Online magazines, Funny comedy sites & more. if you're looking for something to keep you entertained or just kill some time, you'll find it here.

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Looking for free downloads that are actually worth downloading? Look here! Free software downloads, Free music downloads, Free PC games, Free video downloads, Free mp3s, Free wallpaper and screensavers plus tons more cool free stuff.

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The Top 100 Music Links brings you the Coolest new bands, Exclusive free mp3s, The best music download sites, Free music videos plus tons of the best websites for lyrics, festivals, record labels and more.

Cool Game Of The Month

This month's cool game is 'BUSH SHOOT-OUT'. Terrorists are in the White House, it's time to fight back. Click here to play more games.

Controls - Use the MOUSE to aim - LEFT MOUSE BUTTON : Fire your gun

Top 10 Albums

These are our top 10 albums out to buy this month. Check out these cool CDs from hot new indie, rock and punk bands and click on a cover for more information and to buy at the cheapest price online from Amazon. Click Here to see more cool stuff in our online store.